The Sin Collection is focused on The Seven Deadly Sins, a theme that has been widely debated by clergymen, historians and philosophers.

Aristotele has described The Seven Deadly Sins as "Clothes of Evil" and so this opened up the whole idea that has led to the creation of 7 iconic designs, each of them embodying one of the 7 sins re-imagined by the Artist in a contemporary 21st century esthetic.



Designs call to mind reminescences of Cristian Iconography, mithological and fairy figures combined with ultra-modernist elements.

The Artist gave birth to The Sin Collection just starting with a pencil and a piece of paper. Technology takes over during the second stage when flawless drawings are reproduced in digital format and coloured with bold and flaming tones. So in the end, digital designs are printed on the finest silk frabrics 100% Made in Italy.