About Umberto Valeri Limited Editions

All our pieces are available in limited numbers to assure our customers the exclusiveness and the uniqueness of the piece acquired.
Each item is checked personally and then carefully packed in an elegant dust bag.
At the time of the order we start from the manufacturing the work you have chosen and you will be updated at every stage till the final shipment of the product.
Shipping times may vary from10 to 20 days. Please keep in mind that our products are limited editions and each item is totally handcrafted in Italy with extreme care.
Once the quantities are exhausted, the artwork is no longer produced in that format and that color and it will not be available for purchase anymore.
Our pieces are designed to give the discerning customers (in Italy and abroad) (in the world) an unrivalled blend of quality, luxury and style.
With our pieces you will distinguish yourself from others and add unrivalled elegance to your look.
Feel unique and look gorgeous thanks to these one and only fashion accessories.
Bring an exceptional elegance into your outfit with our artwork.