The sword has always been seen as an object of power and supremacy on others, but it is also associated to journeys, conquests, fantastic tales and mythological stories from around the world.

Although the purpose and the use of the weapon remains the same, the methods of making a sword and it's significance vary according to different cultures.

In Christianity the sword represents the Cross while in Islam symbolism deals with Crescent Moon.

The collection was born by observing the beautiful swords that history and various cultures of the planet have assigned to us.

While the sword is a symbol of death and destruction for many people, for others it represents revenge and protection from the enemy.

By imprinting the object on the silk the artist makes the sword innocuous and harmless, raising it to a wearable work of art and emphasizing only the aesthetic appeal, the perfect geometries and forms, in this way the artist gives back to it the magical and fairy-tale meaning that with time is lost.