By umbertovaleri


Red is the color of love, passion and the heart, but also the color used in bullfighting to provoke the bull. Rage is the name of this work with a strong visual effect, a modern reinterpretation of the Minotaur, the monstrous creature in Greek mythology with the head of a bull on a man's body.

The figure seems to emerge from the centre of the print, with her eyes turned to those who are looking at her, and ready to attack everyone who dares to look at her. A unique piece of our collection dedicated to all those who love to catch the attention of the others with their personal style.

The "Rage" scarf is made in limited edition in Italy from the finest Italian silk, and measures 140x140 cm.

It comes packed in a beautiful hand-made gift box, making it a precious present for  you loved ones.

  • Limited to 5 pieces.
  • Italian Silk
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Measures 140x140 Cm.
  • Measures 55.11x55.11 Inch.
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