By umbertovaleri


With this gorgeous silk carré you will surely be the object of envy of all those who look at you. Four faces decorate the corners of this silk scarf with contemporary design, but at the same time with obvious references to Greek mythology, particularly to the enigmatic figure of Medusa with the destructive power to turn to stone anyone who dares to gaze into her eyes.

The snakes frame the four faces of the figure like a hypnotic dance. The yellow background captures the attention of those who observe it, imprisoning them in this modern artwork.

The "Envy" scarf is made in limited edition in Italy from the finest Italian silk, and measures 140x140 cm.

The product comes packed in a beautiful hand-made gift box, making it a precious present for your loved ones.


  • Limited to 5 pieces.
  • Italian Silk
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Measures 140x140 Cm.
  • Measures 55.11x55.11 Inch.
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