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      Umberto valeri
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      The inspiration behind the Flower Collection comes from very far away, from the passion the artist nourishes for the Eastern World and Eastern Culture.

      In the center of the narration we find the peonies or the "Roses without Thorns", a flower revered in the Orient, their place of origin.

      The flower symbolizes love, prosperity and loyalty, and it is at the center on numerous legends, among many, it is said that nymphs used to cover their naked bodies with magnificent peony petals in order to protect themselves from prying eyes.

      The collection is inspired by the magnificent prints and paintings dating back to 1800s of Hokusai, the great Japanese artist whose work had a very significant impact on many European artists of the impressionist movement such as Monet and post-impressionists like Vincent van Gogh and then Paul Gauiguin.