Beautiful object of desires

With our pieces you will distinguish yourself from others and add unrivalled contemporary elegance to your look.


"mosca" bag

Black stripes that run along the silhouette and gold studs the element that distinguishes the "Moscow" bag. An exclusive and fashionable object with a recognizable design

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"parigi" bag

Versatile and chic, the "Paris" U.V handbag combines elegance and refinement. Pair it with cocktail dresses or blue jeans for a sophisticated touch to your look.

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"tokyo" bag

Minimal and geometric design for the "Tokyo" bag from the U.V. collection. Color differences and shapes draw the silhouette of the bag making it recognizable and unique! Conquers at first sight!

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"Singapore" bag

Unconventional bag with a unique and recognizable style, The “Singapore” bag from U.V collection is totally handcrafted from pure black leather. Adds a touch of bold style to any look

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"dubai" bag

"Dubai" bag for U.V collection adapts to your style with unparalleled elegance. Gold studs and orange stripes give the bag the right touch of modernity, luxury and refinement.

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"londra" bag

Mystery and gothic atmospheres envelop the creation of this object of desires. the "London" bag while recalling past atmospheres remains extremely contemporary with a modern and bold style  that certainly will not go unnoticed

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"Roma" bag

In Ancient Rome, red came from red earth, cinnabar and lacquer. Red was linked to royal dignity. It was the most expensive and exclusive color of the Empire and was a symbol of wealth and power. That's why we couldn't choose another color for the "Roma" bag

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"milano" bag

For the "Milano" bag we have chosen a fresh and unique color, which expresses all the glamor that the city itself offers. feel unique and trendy with this mini object of desire!

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"new york" bag

We pay homage to the city that never sleeps, with a uniquely designed bag, handcrafted from pure black leather with gold studs. A classic that will never go out of style!!

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Umberto Valeri bags are dedicated to clients who want to add a touch of elegance to their personal style and look perfect with an exclusive piece of pure Italian art.

The collection combine sacred, bondage and fashion elements, making them unique and wearable items on any occasion.

The main theme behind the creation of these bags is the constant opposition between sacred and profane and redemption through for individuality, strength

we all miss traveling ... so we decided to dedicate this collection to the most beautiful cities in the world, with the hope of returning soon to admire the beauties of this planet.